If you’ve never bought or sold a home with a real estate agent chances are you have a preconceived notion of what real estate agents do for you.  Unfortunately, you may have some incorrect ideas.  Here are three things you probably never knew about working with a real estate agent.

Your relationship with your real estate agent goes beyond buying or selling a home.  A professional real estate agent is your connection to a myriad of resources that you will need during your purchase or after the sale of your home.  This includes but is not limited to professional moving companies, mortgage companies, title and insurance professionals, painters, landscapers, repair services, home stagers, cleaning services, etc.  This referral network goes even further as real estate agents are active in their community and have a multitude of contacts in their database.  Some of these might include where you can find a local dog park, art events, a dentists or hair salon.  A real estate agent can help you as you acclimate to your new community and neighborhood.

Good Real estate agents are not just chasing a commission.  They’re building a lasting relationship that means you are a client for life.  They’re looking after your best interest and will help you to make the best decision for your unique situation.  A true professional will advise you on how to structure your real estate transaction to best meet your needs given the market conditions at that time.  The lifeblood of a real estate professional’s business is earning the trust and referrals of their customers and clients.

A professional agent is up to date on the local market.  They will provide you with valuable information about the comparable sales data.  They also can assist you in making the best offer when bidding on a home to purchase.  A professional agent will have in-depth knowledge of the market conditions.  They will be able to educate and inform you on how to best prepare your home for the market or how to structure an offer on your purchase.  Price, location and condition are key but also understanding your timing and specific goals will help you to make an informed decision.

There is more to a good real estate agent that meets the eye.  Finding the right professional to work with is key to assuring you have a positive and successful real estate future!

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